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Verde Science – Isolating Cost Effective
Pharmacological Formulations and
Developing Novel Drug Delivery Systems

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Verde Science – Developing Cannabis-based
Medicines to Meet Patients' Needs for a
Wide Range of Medical Conditions

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Verde Science – Engaging in Innovative
Medical Research and Development to
Discover New Treatment Modalities

Leading Edge Research for the Isolation of Highly effective Formulations for the Treatment of Chronic Medical Disorders

Verde Science (VRCI-OTCQB) has established a high level Research and Development Team with expertise in Bioprocess Technology, Nanotechnology, Molecular Virology and Immunology, Pharmacology and Medical Device Design, which is focused on the isolation of new drugs and delivery systems for the treatment of a variety of medical issues, and the development of novel tests for the screening of emerging and contemporary medical issues.

Our initial primary area of investigation is Cannabis-based extracts to isolate and develop formulations for the effective treatment of specific medical conditions such as, migraines and pain management, loss of appetite due to chemotherapy treatment, multiple sclerosis, and seizures. Our scientists have identified several molecules in the Marijuana plant that have significant promise for the development important pharmaceutical formulations.

Research will begin in India, where costs are much lower, and our team of scientists and alliance partners can respond much faster to new developments. Our expedited and low cost approach sets Verde Science apart from others in the biotech space.